The “success” of Twitter in promoting women’s sports: ‘Show me the money!’ » tweet-bird


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6 05 2009
Daniel Amos

I am wondering what some of those statstics are for men. for example, of the 160 covers with men on it, how many of them are in street clothes?…it’s funny, I subscribe to ESPN and I just counted 14 magazines with males on them and 13 of them were either in uniform or in a athletic action or position. you have a very valid point. or another, what about the guys that might have had tweets pertaining to looks, I’m sure that there were a few as well. overall, it’s a social construct that is not perpetuated by the social media or media for that matter. It’s what the public wants, so in order to get followers the media have to give “the people” what they want. So society is to blame, it must change in order to shift this trend. finally, Social media is the new way to advertise and networking.

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