The Case of the Pink Hockey Gloves

22 09 2009

pink glovesA couple years ago a student in my Psychology of Coaching class told me a story of a local youth hockey coach. This coach wanted to make his team of U12 boys “tougher.” To accomplish this goal, he decided to give the least tough skater on his team (in his opinion) a pair of pink gloves to wear for the next practice. He named this honor “the pussy gloves.” A majority of the time, the pink gloves were awarded to the same boy. I wish I were making this up.

There are so many reasons why this motivational tactic is the farthest thing from motivational, aside from the fact it is sexist and homophobic. Unfortunately this type of coaching behavior is not uncommon and often goes unchallenged as the status quo.



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23 09 2009

Don’t even get me started on pink!
I assume you know about Iowa’s pink visiting locker room. Larger scale version of the pink glove story you relate.
Also tangentially related is the way the media talks about pink sports gear and apparel when men don it for breast cancer events (pink bats, hockey sticks, etc.). Interesting stuff.

23 09 2009

Yes the famous Iowa football locker room in legendary up here in Gopher Country! Yes I/we could write many other blogs on the usage of the color pink! -nml

1 10 2009 » Blog Archive » Can the NFL make pink a legit sport color?

[…] 10 days ago Nicole Lavoi wrote on her blog One Sport Voice, about the still-alive-and-well practice of a hockey coach belittling a player by making him wear […]

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